Thibault PETIT

Freelance Interactive Designer

UX Design

6 Months on Ubisoft Club platform
6 Months on SEB Mobile Applications
ZenPark's tender - Case of study
UX/UI Design of the Versailles University Project Platform

UI Design

Creation of a complete graphic identity
Creation of a website for a foundation
Design of a label for a craft production
Short Motion design made from illustrations
Design of an invitations card set
Handmade graphic identity for rock band
Motion Design on After Effect
Creation of a new graphic Identity for a guestroom
Generative design for a print campaign
Large painting on a round canvas
Illustration work on a 4 meters long piece of paper
Designing powerfull and modern identity from propagandist style


Generated Visuals and Animations from code
Illustrations to print on photo paper
Prototyping a connected object
3D Short-film personal project
B&W Photographies
Improving illustrations skills through drawings
Some Illustrations
Floor painting inspired by "Crop Circle"
Short-film about Paris
First 3D Project with blender
My first game with Javascript !

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